Sinsational Smile

Sinsational Smile has been awarded Best In-office Teeth Whitening System in the Country for 4 years in a row by the Dental Advisor. The product offers increased whitening of 2-5 shades, which can be achieved in a mere 20 minutes of chair time. You won’t experience any sensitivity after use and may receive a complimentary take-home product to further whitening. The following are product details for Sinsational Smile:

Patented Pre-filled soft silicone tray

Filler is Sinsational Smile’s proprietary 25% Carbamide Peroxide whitening solution

All products are GRAS, as well as BPA and gluten-free

USA made whitening accelerator light

1st and only Green Certified whitening system

Sinsational Smile system with BRAIDC

What to Expect

Not only is Sinsational Smile effective, but very convenient for both you and our professionals here at BRAIDC. After meeting with you to discuss specific goals that you may have for whitening results, we will begin treatment. Here is what you can expect during a typical visit using Sinsational Smile teeth whitening:

Initial consultation to discuss your desired results.

Brief cleaning or examination before whitening.

After you are cleared for whitening, one of our professionals will fit the pre-filled whitening trays into your mouth.

When the trays are in place, the accelerated whitening light will be applied.

You will sit in our office for approximately 20 minutes while the Sinsational Smile whitens your teeth.

After the process is complete, we will go over the results and care for the future.

You may receive a take-home kit to continue treatment at home.

Sinsational Smile is the leading teeth whitening system in the country and the results are immediate. If you are thinking about improving your smile with teeth whitening, call us at Beverly Restorative and Implant Dentistry today.

To schedule an appointment with our Beverly dentist, please call us at 978-232-9003 or request a dental appointment online.

Logo for Sinsational Smile with caption 'A Smile So Bright, It's Sinful.'

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