Meng-Chieh Lee D.D.S., M.M.Sc.

Happy Valentines Day From BRAIDC!

Dr. Lee and Sunny
Newlyweds Dr. Lee and Sunny want to share their first Valentine’s Day with you.



Happy First Valentine’s Day to Newlyweds Dr. Lee and Sunny

Valentine’s Day comes every year on February 14th. it’s a day when couples celebrate and friends gather to enjoy each others company. With all of the excitement that this day can bring, it’s likely that you may have many reasons to smile! Dr. Lee and his wife Sunny. They were married last December, and this is their first Valentines Day together as a married couple. To celebrate, we thought that we would tell you about a few things about their relationship so far.

After meeting through a mutual friend, they hit it off immediately. Even though the feelings were mutual, Dr. Lee was nervous around her. He anxiously blurted out “are you married?” He felt embarrassed – he was fully aware that she wasn’t. This didn’t bother Sunny though, and that’s where their relationship began! They then made plans for their first date, which just so happened to fall on Sunny’s birthday.

This year, Dr. Lee was intent on making this first Valentine’s Day together very special for his wife. He bought Sunny roses and wrote her a poem in Korean. His first language is Mandarin, but Sunny’s is Korean. At a meeting the next day, his friends asked him what his plans were for Valentine’s Day the following week. At that moment, it became clear that Dr. Lee had accidentally celebrated a week too early! For Dr. Lee and Sunny, their first Valentine’s Day is certainly one that they will never forget!

Getting Your Smile Valentine’s Day Ready

We want your Valentine’s Day to go smoothly, no matter what your plans may be. If you are celebrating, don’t hesitate to indulge! Eat the cake, drink the wine, and have a great time. While you’re celebrating, however, there are a few things to watch out for that can potentially harm your teeth. To keep your smile happy and healthy, use caution when consuming the following:

Sugary drinks: Sugary drinks can be acidic, which erodes your tooth enamel and causes cavities over time.

Carbonated drinks: Carbonation also increases acidity.

Chocolate, cookies, and cake: Enjoy them! Just be sure to brush your teeth after, as these tasty treats are loaded with sugar.

Coffee and tea: Acidic drinks can stain your teeth and wear down the enamel over time.

Popcorn and olives: Pits can crack your teeth!

Of course, it’s Valentines Day and you should fully celebrate with the ones you love. If you enjoy these foods and beverages in moderation and practice proper dental care, then you will be fine. Have fun and happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at BRAIDC!


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