Meng-Chieh Lee D.D.S., M.M.Sc.

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Losing Baby Teeth

All About Baby Teeth

As a parent, your child’s first wiggly tooth is a milestone you’re sure to remember! Whether you’re a first-timer or you’re on your second, third or fourth child, losing baby teeth can still come as a surprise. Here’s what you should know.

Facts About Baby Teeth

Babies are born with 20 primary teeth

Teething starts around 6 months

Baby teeth have a thinner layer of enamel, so be sure to brush!

When Do Baby Teeth Start to Loosen?

Baby teeth start to loosen because your child’s adult teeth are ready to come in and are pushing on them. This can start as early as 4! A premature loss is also possible to unforeseen circumstances, like an injury or a cavity. If this happens, be sure to check in with your dentist to prevent any problems down the road. The same goes for if they don’t lose any at all by the time they’re 8 or 9!

Do I Need to Pull a Loose Tooth?

It’s best to let them fall out naturally! The gums around your child’s wiggly tooth may already be sore and pulling it before it’s ready will only aggregate the area further. It’s likely they’ll be touching the tooth and wiggling it on their own – speeding up the process!

If it’s your little ones first tooth, be sure to let them know that it’s normal! There may be some blood so they may need a heads up on what to expect.

Now For the Fun Part!

Many parents celebrate losing a tooth with a visit from the Tooth Fairy. There are so many fun tricks and tips floating around on the internet, so check out your options!

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