3D Imaging Technology

At BRAIDC, we offer our clients top of the line 3D imaging technology. Our current model is the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D by Dentsply Sirona, which is at the head of 3D imaging technology. It’s a hybrid unit, which means that it can provide professionals with the clinical advantages of 2D and 3D technology in one package. In addition, the patient’s safety is increased because the lowest possible effective dose is emitted. Other benefits of ORTHOPHOS XG 3D imaging include:

Sirona XG 3D Printer; A tall white machine with blue sensors at the top where the patient stands.
  • Easy switching between modes – HD, standard, or quick shot.
  • Precise measurement
  • 3D information improves the chance of a tooth’s survival when dealing with infections or root resorption
  • Reduced risk of complications during and after procedures
  • Identifying problems or abnormalities in the root
  • Best help for determining a procedure for treatment

Here at BRAIDC, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the safest, most beneficial treatments and technologies that are available. Once you are in our chair, you are our main concern and top priority. 3D imaging technology allows us to further our knowledge and become more familiar with your teeth than ever.

  • Increased Diagnostics. 3D imagining allows us to go above and beyond when it comes to your dental work. Bone structure, areas of concern, distance between teeth or fixtures – all come to life with 3D. This is also a highly beneficial tool for implants, as it lets us map out the area exactly.
  • High-Def Images. Depending on the problem you may be experiencing, one of our professionals may require 2D or 3D images.
  • Ease. The equipment is flexible and allows for maximum comfort and positioning. Fixtures like the auto positioner and bite selector provide ease for both the patient and the professional.
  • Customization. The ORTHOPHOS XG 3D has adjustable features, making it a simple task to adjust the unique jaw shapes of all our patients.

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