What is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that deals with repair or replacements of teeth that have been lost or damaged. Recognized by the American Dental Association, diagnosis, treatment and future planning are key components of prosthodontist work. After initial treatment, your comfort, appearance, oral function, and oral health are the prosthodontist’s key concern. If you have broken or missing teeth, you are in need of a comfortable, durable solution. For best results in this area of dentistry, you need a prosthodontist.

After receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Columbia University, Dr. Lee continued on to a three-year Prosthodontics specialty training at Harvard University. His focus was aesthetic and implant dentistry. This extensive training, along with years of experience and access to state of the art technology, provides you with the best possible reparative dentistry treatment. Call BRAIDC today to schedule your appointment.

How Prosthodontics can Help You

Prosthodontics is essential for properly repairing or treating broken or missing teeth. Dr. Lee and the team at Beverly Restorative and Implant Dentistry can improve your smile:

  • Tooth-colored fillings work best for at tooth that’s damaged by decay, fracture, or wear. After assessing the damage or removing decay, you may receive a filling.
  • Crowns with CEREC technology eliminate the need for a second visit. Typically, one visit is needed to fit the crown before it’s sent out to be made and then you would then return at a later date to have it applied to your mouth. State of the art CEREC technology creates a custom-made crown using a computer. Crowns, or “caps” are used to treat severe decay and structural loss.
  • Onlays are made of gold or porcelain. They will be best for broken or decayed teeth that are beyond the help of a filling.
  • Bridges will replace one or two missing teeth and restore function.
  • Porcelain veneers bond to your tooth chemically to improve the appearance of discolor, stained, chipped, or irregularly-shaped teeth.
  • Dental implants are screwed into your jawbone to serve as an artificial root. After the screw has been implanted, you will need to heal for three to four months before the restoration can be completed. Dental implants are long-term solution for missing teeth.


Close-up on mouth open, only a few teeth are still in the mouth, with a couple implants visible


Close-up on mouth with Implant Assisted Full Upper and Lower Denture


Close-up on mouth, no teeth are present on the upper jaw, with few teeth present on the lower jaw


Close-up on mouth with Full Upper Denture and Implant Assisted Lower Denture with Bridge

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