Broken Teeth

Even though your teeth are very strong, they aren’t indestructible. Like the bones in your body, your teeth are susceptible to chipping, cracking and breaking.  Broken teeth can be uncomfortable; if you have one it’s likely that you’ve already noticed it. Broken teeth are often sharp, they are even capable of cutting your tongue or cheek. Broken teeth can also cause damage to other teeth in your mouth; sharp or uneven edges can cause further chipping or breakage.

Common Causes of Broken Teeth

  • Trauma, such as falling or being hit
  • Biting down or chewing something hard
  • Cavities that weaken the tooth
  • Teeth grinding
  • Old, outdated fillings


Broken Tooth with Silver Amalgam Filling


Tooth Replaced with CEREC Crown


Old Large Filling Fractured


Porcelain On lay to replace broken filling without losing more tooth structure


For broken teeth, crowns are often used as a solution for repair. Also referred to as a “cap,” a crown is used to treat teeth with severe decay or structural loss. Because crowns are made to look just like your own teeth, they provide a realistic look and feel that doesn’t often take much adjusting to. Crowns can be used to close unsightly gaps, and can also improve tooth color similar to the way tooth-colored fillings or porcelain veneers are used to enhance the look of the smile.

To make a crown, we first prepare the tooth to receive the crown. Next, we make an impression of the tooth, either digitally or with our CEREC technology. The last step is cementing the crown into your mouth. After it has been set, it will blend in perfectly with the rest of your teeth. The crown will protect the tooth it has been attached to, as well as restore chewing and speaking ability and function.


Veneers are traditionally made of porcelain and achieve a high standard of cosmetic results. When properly inserted, they preserve as much of the healthy tooth structure as possible. Because they are bonded to your natural tooth structure, the procedure is minimally invasive. Veneers are not only a solution to fix broken teeth, but can be used for teeth that are discolored, stained, or irregularly shaped.


An onlay is made of gold or porcelain. Similar to the way a crown works, it protects tooth structure and is very durable. An onlay is minimally invasive and is best suitable to treat teeth with more significant breaks or decay.


A bridge is constructed from the same materials as a crown. Typically used to replace one or two broken or missing teeth, a bridge is a likely choice for a broken tooth that is beyond repair. It is cemented to the surrounding teeth, and restores chewing and speaking function.

At BRAIDC, our goal is to help you achieve a happy, healthy smile. Besides the outward appearance of your teeth, their inner health is important as well. A broken tooth can cause discomfort, pain, and can even affect your ability to speak or chew. Along with our wide range of services available, we offer 24-hour emergency dental services and assure that you will receive top of the line general and cosmetic dentistry. From routine cleanings to restorative treatments, Dr. Lee and his team are here to help you.

To schedule an appointment with our Beverly dentist, please call us at 978-232-9003 or request a dental appointment online.

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