Meet Dr. Xu

Meet Dr. Wanpeng Xu

Dr. Xu (pronounce ‘Shu’) is our visiting periodontist. He attended Hiroshima University, Japan, and earned a Ph.D. in tissue engineering with periodontal application. He then joined Boston University Goldman School Dentistry Medicine and received his second degree in periodontology in 2015. In addition to private practice, Dr. Xu teaches clinical surgeries and Periodontology at the Goldman School of Dental Medicine and continues his research in tissue engineering.  Dr. Xu works closely with Dr. Lee to help patients pursue a better life through restored oral health. Outside of work he enjoys swimming, kayaking, music, and traveling. Community involvement is one of his top priorities and he greatly enjoys public service and giving back to the community.  His professional memberships include; The American Dental Association, American Academy of Periodontology, American Association of Dental Research,  International Association of Dental Research, Japanese Society of Periodontology, and  Japanese Association of Conservative Dentistry,  Massachusetts Dental Society.  Dr. Wangpeng Xu is a very decorated periodontist and has received numerous honors and awards.

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