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Getting the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance

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As the end of the year approaches, it is important to get the most out of your dental insurance plan before it expires. Most dental insurance plans do not roll over, they simply renew at the beginning of the year for calendar-year plans or the renewal month for plan-year benefits. You’re likely paying for your plan, so why not fully use it?

Use it or Lose it!

If you’re paying into your dental insurance plan each month, you have benefits waiting for you to use. Even if you don’t need any specific dental treatment, you should always schedule your regular dental cleanings. These help to prevent as well as detect any early signs of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer and any other dental problems that may arise.

Understand Your Coverage

It’s important to know the specifics of your coverage, or precisely what it has to offer. Insurance companies can be hard to deal with at times and it can be very confusing to understand all the different aspects of your plan. Every plan is different, so we may not always know how yours works. However, we are always happy to make a call or assist in an appeal or any other way we can!

Know Your Plan

Typically, dental plans provide you with a maximum coverage amount and the beginning of the year is normally when dental plans renew their benefits. Unlike some other plans, most dental insurance plans do not “roll over” unused funds to the next calendar or plan year. If you have any dental treatment that should be done before the year ends, now is the time to do it before you lose the benefit! It is better to get dental work done before your current plan’s renewal date. By getting it out of the way beforehand, you will still have your entire benefit available to you in the event of an unexpected, costly dental emergency.

Multi-Stage Treatment

Some treatments require more than one visit. If you need several dental procedures, you can plan to get a portion done this year and the next portion done in January after your plan renews. Some types of procedures can be strategically scheduled to get the most out of your insurance, so you pay the least amount out of pocket. However, we NEVER recommend that you put off any necessary or emergency dental work. 

Advice from BRAIDC

We want what’s best for you! Apart from having the best oral health possible, we want you to get the most benefit out of your dental insurance and use as much of your preventative dental services as possible. Cleanings, exams, and radiographs are not only covered under most plans, they are essential in maintaining good oral health. Unfortunately, most dental problems don’t cause pain or show signs until they are already advanced. Gum disease rarely even hurts at all! Cavities that go undetected or ignored spread over time and require more extensive, expensive dental treatment. Keep your money where it belongs – in your wallet. Get the most out of your dental insurance and schedule your appointment with us.

Fall has already begun! Before you know it, it will be a new year. To get the most out of your dental insurance, call BRAIDC today and schedule your cleaning or procedure

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